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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge and the roadway is a little wet this morning. the rain started coming down not too long ago within the last hour. we started to see decent drizzle. there is enough to give us some good reflection of the golden gate. let us see where else it is raining. and how much more expected good morning erica. >> good morning james was taken straight out storm tracker 4. some light showers as authors of the bay area now. it is impacting the coast line
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parts of sentences coat. some of that what whether seeking to the east bay colossae growth expect that for the east shore free ride around the berkeley albany area. you can see the light showers to touch in the east shore. it is currently raining over the bay bridge this morning. picking up light rain in san raphael sausalito and to kron as well. it is relatively dry. the us take a look outside the golden gate bridge. you can see the reflection on the roadway. you would need to use your windshield wipers. in terms of temperatures not too bad. we are in the mid-50s for downtown san francisco. 55 in san jose. concord at 47. futurecast 4 shows a lot of cloud cover as associated with the system however it is relatively weak in nature
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it will approach from the south. it is really starting to hold off. again, this is a weak system light scattered showers at best eventt. 1:00 p.m. this afternoon light rain for the south bay and parts of the north bay as well. as to push the clock and to lead tonight 5:00 p.m. that evening commute home could be messy. the yellow on your screen indicates the rain will intensify. it will continue to intensify and heads out as we headed to 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. showers on tap as we head into tomorrow. saturday afternoon looks to be o.k. but another stronger cold front will approach from canada with that heavy rain expected saturday night heading into sunday. today's afternoon highs everyone in the low to mid '60's 61 for san francisco. 63 expected in hayward. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast
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has wet weather on tap really for the foreseeable future. we do have a stronger cold front saturday into sunday. another system start to sacks out some time that we have into the next work week. the timing is uncertain it looks like it could be a monday and, to stay in bed. we have more wet weather on the way and it could impacter thanks giving plant. more on the b forecast coming up in just a bit. >> traffic is fine approach to the bay bridge toll plaza of problems. the samsan mateo bridge looks good. we do not have any accidents. the drive is 23 minutes out of novato into the city. james. >> thank you not to local
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mills. we begin out of the east bailor a mother is left devastated after losing her son for a second time. >> we have a photo of the earned in which the ashes were held. the ashes were stolen from her antioch home wednesday night. thieves broke in while she was away. they stole the earn along with the tv and christmas gifts. the mother says the child died at birth. she does not care about other things but she wants the asses that. >> just put it in the mailbox. take it anywhere and lie and say you found them or even throw in my yard were sitting on my car or something. >> i just want it back. >> she says she has filed a police report investigators came out to collect fingerprints on the scene she is openly that they will be able to find these. >> parent at a san jose grade school or upset over how a registered sex
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offender was given permission to be on campus amid hundreds of children. the 51 year-old man was convicted of molesting a young relative several years ago. he was volunteering at a festival at st. frances cabrini elementary. a letter from the san jose diocese was giving giving him to listen to be there. he is no law about here in a school in paris want to know why he was there in the first place. >> i think it is atrocious. i do not know how anyone could get away with that and let that be allowed. it is unbelievable. >> how would you know if the person is a sex offender you would not know. >> i don't know how the diocese allow that.
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>> the case remains open but the shares to borden says he has not been charged because of a relatively obscure state law. registered sex offenders can be on school grounds if they have permission from school officials. >> crews of a daly city neighborhood are doing what they can to prevent another mudslide from happening this weekend. yesterday they dug a ditch to direct rain water to a nearby drain. the least a dozen homes were evacuated after a water main broke on tuesday sending tens of thousands of gallons of water and debris flowing into the street. this is something we were following live when it happened this morning at every day since. it will take several weeks before a permanent fix is made. crews will be back in the area of a to the rank passes through will let you know how they fare. >> following developing news. you are looking at live pictures out of washington d.c. where former cia director david pedtreau
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will testify before the house. the testimony is regarding the 911 attack in benghazi. it killed ambassador chris stevens. cia officials say they constantly review performance and are not looking for any particular outcome from this investigation. the cia inspector general office will be that investigation the trays will go before the congressional committee-- petreaus. >> we're watching the lettuce with gas prices. $3.92 is the average price. oakland is cheaper. $3.80. in san jose rather gas going for an average of $3.76. all in all continue to fall. the
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state averages about $3.81. this morning with a quick break the time is 4:07. we have a live look from the bay bridge approach 80 the not look nearly as well as the golden gate bridge did. will have more coming up for you did a little bit.
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we are back 4:09 is the time. plans for unemployment benefits jumped a little bit. taking a look at futures of-the dow off 46 points in early trading. yesterday the dow lost 28. adjutancy. ending the day at 12,00542. stopped falling since president obama won election and congress was turned to power. we are workinhard about gridlock on capitol hill. yesterday as a backdrop of matane. the
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and p lost about two. >> starbucks is break a new plant coffee chain has announced plans to buy loose tea companies for $620 million all cash. the announcement of the stock up more than 50%. the deal could be part of a plan for starbucks to expand further into areas of the world primarily tea drinking areas. the two companies really opened a store together in the middle east. this will lead and moved to bolster those efforts. today hostas brands is expected to announce whether the company will shut down--hostess. negotiations for new contracts have failed. the parent company will hoplans to
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liquidate. . >> an organization of wal- mart workers are planning a series of strikes for black friday. wal-mart employs will stage about one out of protest across the country. in between clued walkouts. the loss of two/mobs. what protest are college educated shoppers. their picket signs will tell shoppers what is going on. in the bay area we have workers at a san leandro wal-mart go on strike. wwal-mart employs walking off the job in 28 countries. >> yesterday a judge said that both companies apple and sense of could add new products to their lawsuit. including the apple ipad phone 5 in the galaxy note 10. both companies concede bans on sell the product before the case goes to
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trial in 2014. >> we will take a break it a4:12. we are following drizzle and light rain in the bay. you can see there on the left side of storm tracker 4. more headed our way we will find out the timing with erica a minute.
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we are back. temperatures may be mild. with the somewhat warm temperatures will have been seeing snow is actually on the ground at resorts like north star because of the snow we got from recent storms. they have seven lives and five runs open now. were killed in the coming weeks. expect more st storm with it, away. they said are happy with what they have. >> i can come here and play around the back to work tomorrow living the dream.
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>> i started doing jumps and stuff like that. >> not bad. sierra is not expect to get much snow out of this weekend's storm is to appear in the snow is good snow for skiers and sell orders. >> let's find out what we are expecting out of this thing i know we will get rain out of the bay area the morning erica. >> good morning we certainly will get rain in the bay area a couple of light showers passing through san francisco of the bay bridge and impacting the east shore freeway. that is continuing to push its way north. wet weather still sitting offshore. this is one of the rare systems that approaches from the south. this is a system of the pacific. it is relatively weak the was a light rain later this afternoon. let us walking to the timing of future passed for set up for 7:00 a.m. a lot of cloud cover but not
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much in the way of precipitation. we put the clock into motion 1:00 p.m. later this afternoon not a lot of people on the roadways. we could pick up light rain for highway 101 and interstate 280. impacting 101 in the north bay as well. five p in your evening commute could certainly be a messy one in fact, the showers pick up in intensity. we see the yellow band on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. if we will continue to see showers on the back end of this waking up 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning everyone still contending with wet weather. it is not moving as quickly as we originally forecasted. as we take a look at current temperatures. upper '40's and novato. 51 enrichment. 474 concord pleasanton. 54 and hayward. into the afternoon low to mid 60's. 644 oakland 63 in san mateo.
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pleasanton coming in at 64 degrees. satellite and radar hose the key to the bigger picture. we are tracking the system impacted us today. setting off in the pacific. what will occur on saturday night into sunday is a strong mark cold front will drop through from the gulf of alaska. heavier more intense rain with that system. wind gust could reach 30 mi. per hour. we could see snow with that system in the sierra. not much maybe an inch and a half. later monday or tuesday the timing is uncertain with the third system. that on will be like in nature. we hold on to the potential for more wet weather tuesday into wednesday. spotty showers at best. keeping an eye on thursday that is thanksgiving as of now the models are showing a 30 percent chance of rain north
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of the golden gate bridge. we could also pick up showers for downtown san francisco. the chances increase for the south bay. again if could be a wet one keep that in mind for those of you making thanksgiving plans. >> it is quiet at the traffic center. fortunately the wet weather having no impact on your morning commute now. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is try no accidents to to deal with. here at the san mateo bridge no backups or delays as we do in the 7-8:00 hour. south bound 101 a wet deck. we didn't see rain. it looks to have let up. the roadways are wet. pretty cold as well. no major incidents to report coming out of marin county. our traffic maps show all is well for
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westbound 24. the east shore freeway looks good. interstate 580 in the westbound direction and minor tap on the break. of the altamonte pass speeds are averaging 30 mi. per hour. >> just into the kron for more news and update on the hostess brand bankruptcy. they have decided to do that. the makers of twinkies, twinkies, and wonder bread officially going out of business a company that was established in 1930. it has gone from public back to private and that the public again. most recently workers went on strike this year after the company went into bankruptcy courts more. they have tried to restructure your their expenses. and it changes to the employes
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labor unions and contracts. the employes had issues with that those are the people weapon on strike this year. the company has threatened if they did not get back to work coast this brand would have to seize operations and this morning the company has decided to do that. cease operations. we will see if this a negotiation tactic to see if the workers will come back we will see. >> we will turn our attention to local. vallejo police are looking for a third suspect in a recent home invasion. the robbery happened last week in the 700 block of pope drive. two suspects show up at the hospital with serious injuries. that would not tell the police how they were hurt. after interviews and a phone call both were arrested for armed robber. 24 year-old terrance scott is considered armed and dangerous. they want to question him in relation to
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this crime. brought yesterday's a sketch has been the release of the suspect brawler who was injured in a confrontation with two women in their home late tuesday night. the armed men entered the apartment inaround 1030. he was confronted by the women. one call the police and said there was a fight between the suspect and the other one in the home. the man ran away after being injured. the word what he may have been staffed by the lawman. he is described as his panic age 18-25 yearhispanic, 21 to 2s ago. the two were rested in washington state after being spotted driving the victim's
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car. both the husband and wife could receive the death penalty in this murder case. it was said the white stag the victimwife stabbed the vict >> but it will mark 24 years center disappearance. mckenna's mother will once again hold a gathering at the market. but authorities are trying to determine if remains found in a land and will be long to mchalekala. >> there was some snow on the ground on a at king vei80 at king bail. we will be
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right back. @ñ
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we are back. a crucial court ruling is expected to come down on the future of high- speed rail in california. a sack and a county superior court judge will decide to grant the injunction which would halt the project. the first phase of them would be a 65 mi. stretch. construction is scheduled to begin next july. people claim they're asking for the judge to halt all works for their claims could be heard. >> bp has there were charges that britain's biggest joke truckmaker used deceptive practice to make the drugg. it was reported that the
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drug lead to tens of thousands of heart attacks. they said the company knew about the risk but kept it secret. the food and drug administration received reports of hommel defects related to the energy drink rock star. it cause stomach pains and nausea. no hospitalization was required no deaths were reported at other decaffeinated drinks five our image may have been involved in a number of death five our energy--five energy. >> here is a live look at
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storm tracker 4 we are following the rain. there is a drizzle there now but you will see a lot more wet weather out in the pacific. will give your forecast with erica in a moment.
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we are back. here is a live look from a camera out in every bill. jackie sissel is part along interstate 80. so far it does not look like the paper is too wet. that could change today let us cut the lead is on the forecast is a welcome to the rain erica. >> good morning james we are back on storm tracker 4. i change the views of you could see what is going on offshore. we did see a trace of the brains passed earlier. --rain. we do have
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lightning strikes so he chatted with this week's storm we could see lightning this afternoon. temperatures will not be too bad however, it looks like a rain will hold off until later today. i do not think it will be to widespread for your morning commute. into the 7:00 a.m. hour mainly cloudy conditions but again the wet weather is still sitting offshore. as it was talking to 1:00 p.m. however, you can see impact on the south bay first which will continue to spread its way north. 5:00 p.m. your evening commute home could be a messy one in fact the rain could pick up in intensity. as we head into the evening hours you can see overnight into tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. we will still wake up to wet weather. clear conditions by midday. we are tracking another storm approaching from the north saturday into sunday. more details coming up in a bit. taking a look
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at your temperatures. 57 half moon bay. 56 in mountain view. your afternoon highs everyone in the same boat. the 64 vallejo snapple. 63 in hayward. --napa. system #one is sitting offshore. system #two will drop in from the gulf of alaska will be a strong were cold front with that cooler conditions more in the way of rainfall. we could see up to an inch of snow in tahoe. another storm next we come from the north we could see some light rain scattered showers and the potential exists for some wet weather on thursday. remember that is thanksgiving as of now it looks like a 30 percent chance mainly north of the golden gate bridge. we will continue to fine-tune your forecast here on kron 4.
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>> more on your weather coming up in a minute. in the traffic department quiet out there. we do have overnight road were nothing in the way of accidents. you are good to go at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic. during find out oakland into the city. the same story at the san mateo bridge the incidents to report. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge police activity in the north bounds direction. is a wet road way. we had light rain passed through earlier this morning. the drive is 22 minutes from novato into san francisco. >> thank you erica now on to local moves. topping our news and east bay woman is devastated a mother this morning after losing her son for the second time. it is what happened. we have a photo of the urn which held the ashes of her son gabriel. she says it was stolen from her antioch
4:34 am
home. these broken while her and her children were away and sold the earn a along with the tv and some christmas gifts. gabriel died at birth. she does not care about the other things she just wants her son's actions backs. the police took fingerprints from the scene will see if that lead to anything. >> parents and a school in san jose a grade school are upset out a registered sex offender was able not only able given permission to be our campus amid hundreds of children. the 51 year old man scene here was convicted of molesting a young relative several years ago. he was recently volunteering at a festival at st. frances cabrini elementary. he was recognized and reported to sheriff deputies. the san jose diocese had a letter giving him permission to be there. he is no of volunteering at the school.
4:35 am
he has been charged because an obscure state law allowing him to be there says that registered sex offenders can be on school grounds they have permission. >> cia director david petreaus will be testifying for the house regarding the attack on benghazi on september 11th. tory dunham has the latest about what we can expect out of washington. we will get more on that story coming up in a bit. we are monitoring so we will bring that to you live if we can't. petreaus did resign from the cia after admitting to an extramarital affair. will bring you up to speed as more informations comes in. >> the new deadline for the
4:36 am
next deadline for president obama is controversial have refohealth reform. the deadline had been to date california as we know has already created its own exchange a lot of states have not. the help the exchanges are slated to begin operation in 2014. individuals and small businesses will be able to find more affordable health care they can shop around to find what suits their needs. >> the president will congressional leaders from both parties to the white house for initial discussions how that might avert the looming fiscal cliff. capitol hill's top democrats and republicans will be hauling with the president to see if they can make progress for a deal on taxes and spending. this time the talks assume a new urgency because the clock is ticking. the deadline is set to run out at the end of
4:37 am
this calendar year with the automatic tax hike in spending cuts constituting the fiscal cliff will take effect. they have less than two weeks to get it done. we will take a quick break. we will be back with more than a minute. if we can't let us go outside. i think we have a live look at the golden gate bridge. that is pablo the wettest shot we have this morning. and more on the way the storm tracker for his got a lot of green out there in erica will break it down for us coming up in a bed and will be right back.
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we are back. it is for:44 there is--4:44. >> you have seen it before it is the annual event where
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adoptable animals are showcased in the macy holiday windows in union square. the thing with the windows will be iconic san francisco neighborhoods. we will see what they can do with that. the windows remain open until january 1st. last year's event incident was the most successful so far. they had more than 325 animals adopted finding new homes. nearly $80,000 was raised for the s p c a. the big holiday travel season is getting underway to day care for big crowds if you're flying. as at all is expecting more than 140,000 passenger arrivals and departures to day. it will be busy at the airport. today will be the single busiest day of a holiday release it as to this country. s f o says they are expecting a 10% increase in passengers compared to last year. we will have a live report coming up. >> here is a live look outside to day if you're heading to their corporate
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umbrella you may need it. we have rain on the way a lot shot from our roof on the left-hand side highway 92 the san mateo bridge on the right. in this drive for now but we do have weight and forecast. >> it is really opposing the coastline james. it is moving closer. did not be surprised if you see a pop of shower on the freeway this morning. it will be relatively light in nature. it is a relatively weak storm hanging out in the pacific. we have the potential for some like it strikes into the afternoon. lightning strikes. the organized trade is sitting offshore it could hit us later in the morning. futurecast 4 shows it could be dry as we head into the 7:00 hour. bailey cloudy skies. at 1:00 p.m. the rain will be approaching from the south. in seat light rain on tap for san jose, mountain
4:47 am
view and parts of the southern peninsula. it will continue to grow in intensity it could be a messy evening commute home. overnight will continue to see showers and waking up 7:00 a.m. saturday morning still dealing with some heavy stuff down the east shore freeway. part of the nimitz along the coastline and places like fairfield and napa. you will need an umbrella not only to day but tomorrow keep it handy for the foreseeable future. we have wet weather on the way. temperatures not bad. a warmer system is coming from the pacific is not the cold for we will experience later. 63 in livermore. upper 50s and half moon bay. the intent stuff is on tap for saturday to sunday. a stronger cold front will drop from the gulf of alaska bringing heavy rain and gusty conditions. wind gusts could reach 30 mi. per
4:48 am
hour. continue with unsettled whether the potential exists for ride on thanksgiving. you will see that in your your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast . the third system is expected to arrive monday and tuesday. spotty showers for the hours. temperatures will be in the '60s. again wet weather for the next several days when he tells on your extended forecast coming in a bit. >> the perfect time to leave your house is not writing in the bridges all looked good. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza the volume has increased but no incidents to report. clearing lights are off and we are seeing top speeds on the incline and across the upper deck. here at the san mateo bridge no delays and traffic conditions equal in both directions of '92. south bound 101 they are configuring the lanes. on our traffic map all is well
4:49 am
for the most part in the south bay just a hair of slow traffic. highway 101 northbound approaching 87. interstate 280 is smooth sailing. no incidents were northbound 85. i have been checking with the chp good to go along the peninsula. no incidents to report for the bayshore freeway or interstate 280. as for public transit delays for a.c. transit, bart, or caltran this morning. >> thank you erica on to other headlines. the mission team announced yesterday that the six will rover will head to the next destination within the next few days. the next major test will be to find a rock to drill into which requires moving to new spot. of stationary curiosity has been scooping up soil and studying the atmosphere. it is three months into its to your
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mission. >> baseball have about its most valuable player award and san francisco giants buster posey has been named themvp. he is also the giants first mvp since barry bonds want id id back in 2004. >> i think it is an accomplishment to share with the whole giants organization. start at the top with a greater ownership the front office putting great guys on the field. i am very fortunate to play in severances go the cannot be more honored to have my name alongside previous winners spirit >> as you can see posey received 27 of 32 first- place votes. he is a lovable
4:51 am
guy. the writers love writing about him. last year's winner came in second this year. miguel caberra has been named mvp for the american league. he was listed first on 22 of 28 first-place votes. los angeles angels mike trout was runner-up with six first-place votes. >> on the football the 7 cisco 49 as head coach jim harbaugh is expected to return to the facility after been sent to stanford hospital yesterday's. he had a modby a procedure performed for a rare heart beat. he was experiencing discomfort wednesday night. he is
4:52 am
expected the back of the field today. >> let us talk entertainment. thousands of twihearts showed up for the final chapter of the midnight showing of the twilight series. they are showing breaking don part to. the lies just around the building--breaking dawn.. the movie is expected to make hundreds of millions of dollars. expected to be number one when we come back on monday when we talk about who made big in the box office over the weekend. >> we have rain out of the pacific we saw some of the fall early this morning more is expected this morning will be right back.
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we are back. this just in former cia director david petreaus has just arrived he will be speaking before the house. his testimony will weigh in on the september 11th attack in libya. in benghazi where you as a master chris stevens was killed earlier this year. with spotted his arrival we are expecting that hearing to began in just a little bit we will let you know what the outcome is once they come out and address the media. that is giving is less than a week away and where you're a first-time coat or your family as an expert check smart phone and tablets apps in make preparing dinner this year easier. it may be more fun. >> for those who have the task of hosted make thanksgiving meal. give thanks for some apps that
4:56 am
can make it easier. recipes range from starters to desert. create a shopping list of ingredients to make a schedule of what to buy what to cook when. there is a thanksgiving 911 feature with the most common turkey day troubles and how to fix them. cooks who kharkov in for the first time can try and apple has thathe thanksgivi4 androids includes the may edition sides. butterball takes its thanksgiving day hot line high tech with a butterball cookbook + app. there are how to instructional videos and recipes. they have a response to voice commands stow chefs can avoid smudges on their screens. >> a new study finds that
4:57 am
americans are expected to waste vacation days--2 vacation days this year. the average american has 12. most people only take 10 days compared to japan with the average worker takes five of their allowed 13 vacation days. they are hard working in japan. the study finds the biggest reason for throwing vacation days away or scheduling conflicts and hopes that the days to rollover into next year. they are willing to let them go effective rollover. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news at 5:00 a.m. we're following the latest out of washington we mentioned did the tradedavid pes will testify. a student dies from alalcohol overdose. >> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge for
4:58 am
the deck is stacked for now. a lot of what weather is expected going court.
4:59 am
(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now. >>
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good morning. is friday november 16th before you head out the door or do any weaken planning you'll want to take a look at our storm tracker 4 to show you where the rain is falling and how much of it we will get. live at the weather center with erica taking a look get it. >> good morning. the wet weather is still sitting offshore is not to that of a commute if you leave now. the can see it approaching more organized rain is headed our way. we did see light rain for downtown san francisco over the golden gate bridge. portions of the lord east shore freeway earlier this morning. as a resume in it looks relatively drive the south bay. as we take a look at
5:01 am
what else is going on it looks like in terms of your head lines which are seeing an increase in the cloud cover. temperatures in the '50's and '40's. the scattered showers will arrive later this morning. definitely by the afternoon. in fact it will grow in intensity kron your evening commute home. as we take a look at your temperatures there will be in the '60s. potential for wet weather not only tonight into the overnight hours waking up saturday morning as well. will the talk be thank you ericn though we are expecting things to be rough this morning if we get a lot of rain so far we're seeing a like an easy ride. no delays at the bridges. here's a quick commute check. if you're driving to the north bay you may see more rain than anywhere else but so far the traffic is light. thank you george berry
5:02 am
>> it has been three days and sent water britannic read a mudslide in daly city. you will remember the pictures of mud of a let down the street in the neighborhood. officials have been working ground got to fix the problems and also prepare for the rain that is coming this weekend which in the worst-case scenario could make things more messy. will tran is joining us live from that neighborhood. will you were there when the water main broke what is the situation now? the rain drops are coming down now the not very hard. what they did all the past couple of days there were racing against other major because the rent will happen today over the next several days. >> you can see they laid down haight straw. there is the park or the mud slide came down the hill--hay and straw. two days ago it was much lower because excavators were digging out
5:03 am
the mut try to clean out the storm drain. coming back this morning i have noticed is much higher. they put a cloth over it. to absorb the water. the storm drains and opened the hay is here. they think they will be ready for the rain fall. of course this is a band-aid approach they will have to come back later because the winter months are coming to have to make sure that make permanent repairs. it should be quiet this morning most of the heavy equipment has been removed except here is one excavator just in case there is a need to come back and make emergency repairs. if you look at the lay of the land they feel pretty good they are ready to go back to you chance. >> we were covering the pacifca apartment a few years back. a lot of the work was done was to put a tarp or some type of material along the side to keep corrosion from happening. have they done
5:04 am
anything to try and protect that area. >> know. we cannot see if it is still dark is up in the hills on the sun comes up with a ticket step back we have to go halfway down the block to get a bigger view so to speak. it is there we will take a good look at it. one thing they want to do is to perhaps take of the mother remove a couple of days ago come back later and packed the hillside. it talked about the tarp or some kind of a netting that they did in pacifca. there seems to be a netting over the top of this hillside over this landscape just to backshore the boulders and mud and the other stuff will stay in its place. it is a barrier. just in case the mud slide comes hard it does not spill onto the streets again. >> thank you will when the sun comes up will get a better view of the situation. >> general david petreaus
5:05 am
resignation as we carry the scandal. he is expected to face a grilling on another controversial topic today. he will face lawmakers on capitol hill the september a lead the attack on the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi libya. the train petreuaus is set to testify that he knew immediately that the work of the attack was the work of a militia group. >> capitol hill's top democrats and republicans will huddle with the president to see whether they can make progress towards a deal on taxes and spending. just announced earlier this morning
5:06 am
hostess that make twinkies and the other stuff. postage is going out of business again bankruptcy again-- hostess. twinkies, ding- dongs, wonder bread this is a nationwide workers' strike that crippled the company and its ability to make the product and more. hostess had worn employes it would be filing a motion for bankruptcy to unwind its business and sell assets if the plant operations did not return to normal by last night. they say it was the strike that pushed them over the edge. hostess did declare bankruptcy eight years ago as well. >> back to the bay area will go to the east bay were mothers that devastated after losing her son for second time. let us explain their we have a photo of the vern which of the ashes of the lady's son. she says it
5:07 am
was stolen from her home in antioch the sennight. these broken ricwhile she and her children were away. they stole the earn a christmas gifts. she does not care about any of the stuff she just wants her son to ashes back. >> just put it in the mailbox. take it anywhere and just say lie and say you found them. or even throw in my yard or sit on the back of my car or something. as is the back. >> of course she called police right away from the police report officers came by took fingerprints peers use hoping with that in mind the spirit >> here is a live look at s f o. today is the busiest travel day of the holiday season it is not like the day before thanksgiving. >> no no. people take off the weekend before thanksgiving so they can tak spend time with their
5:08 am
families. we'll talk about- traffic at best of all the other airports. we will be right 0ñ@ñ
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
we are back in is 10 past the hour war to maastricht where under nine minutes away from opening bell. stock futures have been trading lower this morning ahead of fiscal with negotiations between the president and congressional leaders will be meeting at the white house. that cliff's impact on the economy would be needed some have fears it could push the u.s. economy back into recession and no one is that their investors will be mulling over the federal reserve latest guidelines for banks stress tests as well. adding to the gloom we have dealt of mounting have to the closing bell yesterday that earnings fell 47% in its third fiscal quarter. that is a big drop.
5:12 am
we will talk about the market more this morning. big google is setting up a new wireless services will be direin direct competition with verizon and at&t. according to meet people who are close to the talks the talks are not in the advanced stage and cannot amount to anything at all it could be fruitful it might be just talking. we will be right back in just a minute we will come back with a full look at the weather. we're following the rents on the radar will chat with erica about that coming up.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
we are back here talking about the weather not only would it rain here but we have a slight chance of getting a few snowflakes in the sierra. it is a warmer storm when idaho law with anything helps. we have snow on the ground until the
5:16 am
resorts. north star opened this list they have seven lives and five runs over now. they're hoping to open more of the course of the weekend. skiers are out there. bidding at of a 36 hour shift to come here and play around of back to work tomorrow or living the dream. >> he can keep up with you? he is pretty advanced for his age i started down jumps and stuff like that. >> inning storm beckham bring anything is good for skiers and sell orders. >> good morning of r.e.we did he a ratio of the 3:00 hour for to services of the bay
5:17 am
bridge in the lower initial freeway. as a middleman seeing a light rain. you can see rain once again for the bay shore. interstate 280. it is impacting daly city. parts of burlingame. it is on the western end of the san mateo bridge feared was a man to get a preview. it is planning over skyline boulevard. you will certainly need to use your when show wipers and keep an umbrella handy. for the south bay we do see a strange hour over interstate 280. stray shall weaower. by 2:0 p.m. we will start to see light rain for most of the south bay spots. the rain
5:18 am
will continue to grow more widespread pickup in intensity as we had to 5:00 p.m. tonight. this is the evening commute kahome. will continue to do with showers as we head into the overnight hours. waking up tomorrow morning still contending with the system. it starts to break apart here the showers gabfest. again, a pretty heavy for parts of fremont hayward up in fairfield as well. midday saturday we could see dryer clear conditions. again we have another system pushing through saturday and sunday. more details coming up in just a bit. your number's not bad of a morning. 48 and napa. 57 of half moon bay. later this afternoon 60s to go around. this woman the rare warmer systems pushing in from the pacific. mount
5:19 am
view at 64. 62 in sunnyvale. similar conditions in the east bay fairfield at 63. 64 for danville and pleasanton. 64 in union city. a cold day in downtown tel francisco 61 degrees. 62 for richmond and 63 if you're having to ocean beach. we do have a first system pushing in from the pacific impacting parts of the bay area. that will be out of our here saturday morning at saturday night heading into sunday's we will start to deal with the second system. this one is a straw or cold front pushing in from the gulf of alaska. heavy downpours expected. why lend us could reach 30 mi. per hour. another system starts to sag south this one from monday into tuesday. there's a lot of uncertainty with that system which is see scattered showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. potential for wet
5:20 am
weather as we head into thanksgiving. temperatures will be in the '60s and of course will keep an eye on the forecast. at 5 5:19. >> there is a light and easy ride all over the bay area. the bridges look good. friday is typically a little lighter. no backups or delays here at the bay bridge. as we move to the san mateo bridge continuing our bridge trek you was it a risride looks good east by on westbound no delays. for marin county into san francisco there is a wet deck for you. there are still on the bridge reconfiguring the span adding the fourth line in the southbound direction. we will update the drive time spirit 15 minutes hercules to berkeley. 18 minutes to the san ramon valley from
5:21 am
walnut creek to dublin. no delays or highway 580 westbound. south bay freeways look good. the problems 4101, 280, or one zeroth101. >> we will go to our solo reporter mike pelton who is live as at all. a lot of people start today and take the whole week off. >> exactly. a lot of tractraffic coming through here. the holiday season officially kicks off today. the airport expects to see 140,000 passengers pastor today making this the biggest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday spirit
5:22 am
because of an increase in passengers this year airport officials already projected to become the busiest year ever for the airport. if you are planning on heading out town before the end of the year here are a few tips to keep in mind as you come to the airport. parking is limited because of the amount of passengers looking to get out of town. take a public transit or get chopped off if you can. that will make life a lot easier for you if you-deaths dropped off. >> do not read your presence before you head out security officials may have to take the wraps off to check the packages. here live with the increase in the number of people coming through the airport. as the morning picks up. you mentioned a lot of people are not celebrating week in is thanksgiving week. i spoke
5:23 am
with these people taking the whole week off. i say you and i do the same what do you say. >> even the kids have school budget and tuesday. they're not given the whole week in some districts. i like your present idea parent . >> if you are driving the good news is gas prices have dropped. a little at a time. the average for a gallon in san francisco is down a couple $3.92 the average price. in oakland is $3.80. cheaper in san jose the average is $3.76. the state average is $3.81. will take a quick break more with the kron 4 news will come back in just a minute.
5:24 am
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we're back the time is 5:26
5:27 am
a.m. we're following weather today and for good reason. take a look at storm tracker there's quite a bit of what weather in the pacific. it is headed towards the peninsula. we are looking for nothing to get wetter as we head towards the morning commute. we are tracking that what erica schubert the specifics down. a quick look at your 7 day around they forecast [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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>>kron4 will tran has been following this story. >>the city crews were were rates and the homeowners are upset. they stated that the repairs were not made and that we may be able to
5:33 am
see a repeat. you can see that they put down hey, next and to prevent corrosion. this video we shot a few days ago show that this is the day after the mudslide and this is pretty much had stranded pretty much of the cars. they have much in their wills and their engines would not start. it was a total disaster. they remove the mud and came back the next day cleared out the storm drains. that made sure that the hillside did not slide anymore. they make sure that they basically channeled the rainfall so it could float in the storm drain. it looks like it is ok and we only see one heavy equipment out there. this may only be here just in case they have to jump out and do something. they stated that the winter
5:34 am
months are coming as far as the rainy season. they stated that over the next couple of days it will have to deal with this. this is what they're doing for now. they did put hay right where the mud came down. this is almost a barrier. it will come back after this latest round of rain and come back to make more repairs. there were dozens of dirt trucks sitting in the fields. that will take all this mud and packet back into the hill. this should prevent this from happening again line one of the other big stores that we are following is the cia agent who is going to be speaking. he will speak to the house and senate's intelligence committee. >>they would like to know
5:35 am
answers and funding for security at the u.s. consulate. those that are testifying is michael, and he was stated to lead the area due to the scandal. >>this has opened up more questions such as what is contained in the report. i have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the united states and others in the administration using terms of deliberate lying. if you want to know who is really responsible and buy yourself a mirror. >>in a closed door hearing that saw a video that was recovered from the compound. they stated that they heard what the u.s. officials did behind this thing which killed the ambassador and three other americans.
5:36 am
>>the next deadline for the health care reform law has been extended. states have until dec. 48 to decide whether they will step up exchanges. the deadline was today. california has already created the exchanges and to help the exchanges are to open doors in 2014. individuals and small businesses can find more affordable insurance plans. >>the couple accused of killing the retired teacher will be back in court to enter a plea. they killed her door the coast of a crime spree that the that when from california to washington. there were arrested after they were found driving her car. they both could receive the death penalty. >>the sentences of 49 stated
5:37 am
that they want their coach to beast's back on the field. harbaugh had a procedure for an irregular heartbeat. he noticed a discomfort and they took him to the hospital. the system head coaching record nadir had to fill in for him in his absence. he is stated to be back on field. the time is now 5:36 a.m. and we will be right back.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>it is 5:40 a.m.. >>they are suspending all greek activities after one student died of irreversible brain damage due to an all. they stated that the bars will be barred from having social events until the spring semester. he died thursday at 11 days after he was admitted to the hospital
5:41 am
after an alcohol overdose. he was pleading the fraternity and in addition to the death there have been other recent problems. there were allegations of hazing and sexual assault. >>the man charged with the shooting and colorado. he ran headfirst into a jail cell ride. they stated that he tried to commit suicide. he was scheduled to appear in court. he is accused of shooting 70 people and killing 12 of them due to the batman movie coming out in july. >>time now is 5:40 a.m.. >>you see there is a devastation of flooding that is calls by--they are under
5:42 am
water elm looked at the water that is rushing in. this looks like it will be. a movie. this is still not open right now and this is nearly three weeks after the storm. all the equipment and the settl--we will take a breaks 5:41 a.m.. >>here is a shot out of emeryville and this is interstate 80. they're heading to the maze. so far it doesn't look to wait but we may have a fender bender.
5:43 am
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>>it is 5:45 a.m. >>david petrie s is
5:46 am
scheduled to testify due to the attack. the house has been further complicated due to his surprise resignation. >>hostesses is going out of business. the maker of 20 twinkies, aho says brea. there a lot of jobs that will be lost. >>the other big story now is the weather and we're keeping our eyes on storm trecker 4. it is one went already on the golden gate bridge. >>we are seeing a lot ran
5:47 am
for the peninsula park. up in the north bay as well. as we try to take it out to storm trecker 4 you can see that as we zoom man you concedin. you are going to use your wind shield white person drive with extra caution. at 19 avenue they're under light rain and the same thing is for market street. as we check out the peninsula the wider view shows that the rain stretches from san francisco. last check is just impacting the san mateo bridge but now it looks like it is impacted 84 on both sides. you can expect new light rain in new word and parts of the southern peninsula from powell. this is going to change as we
5:48 am
head into later on. it is now in the east bay as well alameda,--you will need an umbrella not only for today but the issue head into the foreseeable future. futurecast for shows that we will see rain picking up in intensity as we head into a 5:00 p.m.. >>the yellow on the screen shows were you will see modern rain and will continue into tomorrow morning. 9 a.m. on saturday it will not be as organized but it will still be wet. we may see a break by mid saturday with a pick of sunshine. we are tracking a another system on saturday and sunday. current conditions are mild and everyone is in the '50s. as we take a look into the afternoon high most locations are sitting in the
5:49 am
'50s. >>it is very similar conditions for these bay. we will pick up where the rain. walnut creek is the 63 and the system that we are tracking is a little bit warmer soil temperatures would not be that bad it will be low sixties for downtown san francisco. saturday and sunday it will be a strong cold front. with that heavy widespread rain there will be gusty conditions up to 30 mi. per hour. your kron 47 around the bay forecast shows rain for the future. we will continue to if track your whether it is now 5:49 a.m.. >>we were monitoring a hot spot on interstate 80 in emeryville. we had word about the breed that cost
5:50 am
flat tires for a number of vehicles. let's check in with jackie because he was able to get to the stand and give those bills. >>two of the sixers seven cars that were affected by this. the other car is down there. one car has been taken off the freeway. all of these cars receive flat tires. this was off of 80 and this was called by this rate that has been pulled off the freeway. according to witnesses they stated that he lost his drive train which landed into the freeway. and cars started to run over it. it is about 6 to seven cars that are out here it happened about 5:00 a.m.. it was before the real heaviest commute started. and the chp came out and
5:51 am
they move the metal off road. the board just try to get their tires changed very it >>it was a piece of metal that was reported and was dropped and that is why these bills were pulled room inside. as you can see it is not only slow passing so we have dodged a bullet here. here's a quick bridge check. >>and the westbound direction the metering lights have been activated early. if there was a stall on the upper deck in the westbound area. it was about a 30 minute back up. your ride to the san mateo bridge is problem free and is 11 minutes. it may spike about 8:00 a.m. or 7:45 a.m.. the wet deck is still on the golden gate bridge but there are no problems through marin county on 101 southbound. >>at 5:51 a.m.. and baseball
5:52 am
handed out its most valuable award. buster posey has been labeled and named as the mvp. he became one of the best here that we have seen in recent years. he won the league's battling titled and he is the giants' first one says barry bond won in 2004. >>i think this is an accomplishment. to share this with the whole giants organization. star with a grin ownership, from office and them putting great guys on the field. i am very fortunate to play in san francisco and i could not be more honored to have my name on side of the previous winners. >>but posey receive 27 of the 32 votes. last year's
5:53 am
winner was-- >>miguel cabrera is then mvp for the american league. he was the first one in 45 years leading the detroit tigers to the world series. los angeles had him listed as 22 boats with a total of 362. >>will take a quick break it is 5:53 a.m..
5:54 am
[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
5:55 am
[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
5:56 am
>>bad news for the bay bridge. we know this is an early back up. an accident is on the s curve. i just
5:57 am
spoke with caltran and they stated that the tow truck that has been set has been stuck in the back up. it this is set the metering lights all the way to the island. the delivery truck and several other vehicles are involved. this does not go well for the bay area traffic. i will have more details coming up. >>thousands of twine hearts are lined up across the country overnight for the first midnight showing of the final chapter of twilight movie series. here's the line and berkeley. these are not all kids these are grown adults. >>twilight is opened and i
5:58 am
did recommend you should get there early. >>we will take a quick break and we'll be right back. we have christmas coming just- in-time for the skiers and snow boarders. thatcher in the bay area we are saying rain over the ocean and it is heading our way. we will get an update with our forecast. is there is bad news for thousands of employees who have a suite is to periods hostess is going out of business and may be a theme of the past. >>
5:59 am

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